Komatsu unveils battery medium-class two boom, hoseless, semi-autonomous ZJ32Bi hard rock jumbo

Komatsu Mining has unveiled today the battery-powered ZJ32Bi medium-class jumbo which it says offers reduced-hose and hoseless boom options to help reduce downtime from chafed and damaged hydraulic hoses. This is the first of a new set of machines where (B) is for battery and (i) for intelligent.

The company states: “Engineered to address the issue of downtime due to hose damage, the ZJ32Bi features a game-changing design with options for reduced hoses (six per boom) or completely hoseless booms. An advanced computer control system offers semi-autonomous functionality with built-in operator augmentation features when in manual drilling mode. And the quality of Komatsu Montabert drifters coupled with drill feed technology rounds out the drilling end of the machine.”

It is also available in a diesel model (ZJ32i) with reduced or hoseless boom options. The new ZJ32Bi machine will be available Spring 2021. It represents also the beginning of Komatsu’s journey to offering fully autonomous underground hard rock machines – things have come a long way since the MTI acquistion in 2014. There is also a one boom ZJ31 jumbo and ZB31 bolter planned and expected to come in diesel ZJ31i/ZB31i & battery ZJ31Bi/ZB31i models.

A note on the hard rock rebranding overall. This is a new model so is coloured Komatsu yellow. For existing models, the branding will change from Joy orange to Komatsu yellow, and the nomenclature will now align with Komatsu brand standards.