Metso Outotec expands range of mill discharge pumps for slurry handling

Metso Outotec has introduced a full line of mill discharge pumps for, it says, reliable and efficient slurry handling in minerals processing.

Metso Outotec’s MD (mill discharge) Series pumps come in two tailored solutions, MDM and MDR. The MDM (Mill Discharge Metal) pumps are available in inlet size ranges of 250-700 mm, and the MDR (Mill Discharge Rubber) models come in inlet size ranges of 250-700 mm. Both pump types are suited for heavy-duty use in concentrator plants offering excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion, according to the company.

Diwakar Aduri, Product Manager, MD Pumps at Metso Outotec, said: “Slurry handling is vital in maximising a minerals processing plant’s productivity and efficiency. Insufficient slurry handling may bring the whole plant to a halt or lead to inefficiencies in different parts of the process, causing major production losses.

“A large concentrator plant can have up to 150 different types of pumps in operation. Metso Outotec mill discharge pumps are robust and have been designed to operate reliably in highly abrasive environments, providing optimal solutions for each part of the process.”

Keeping the industry’s ever evolving needs in mind, Metso Outotec MD Series pumps offer outstanding uptime and sustained efficiencies, the company says, with the MD pumps designed for efficient operation and longest wear life to match the mill’s uptime.

Such matching is aided by Metso Outotec’s analysis service.

This service ensures customers can select a slurry pump for a mine that is the most robust and technologically advanced pump in terms of performance, wear resistance, uptime and total cost of ownership for that application. The company can provide a detailed summary report and guidance on how to minimise total cost of ownership.