Goodyear launches new OTR tyre for long haul mining fleets

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced its newest addition to its off-highway large haulage product line, the RH-4A+.

Engineered to deliver a lower operating cost per hour and higher productivity in hard-rock underfoot conditions, this tyre features an extra-deep E-4+ tread depth with a high net-to-gross tread pattern and optimised footprint pressure to help provide long hours to removal, according to the company.

The Goodyear RH-4A+ tyre is an important addition to Goodyear’s Total Solution of trusted products, reliable services and fleet management tools – all delivered by a global network, Goodyear said. It helps operators be more productive and operate at a lower cost by providing the following benefits and features:

  • Enhanced sidewall durability and lateral stability with Goodyear’s new Durawall Technology®, wider bead design, and wider moulded rim width;
  • Increased hours to removal and cut protection with its high net-to-gross tread pattern and deep, E-4+ tread depth; and
  • Cool operating temperatures from the tread’s centreline blading, shoulder lug pockets, and shoulder lug side notches.

Field results from trials conducted in April 2019 with global mining customers have shown that the RH-4A+ in 46/90R57 size delivers up to 12% better hours to removal than RM-4B+, Goodyear said.

Eric Matson, Global OTR Field Engineering Manager, said: “Low operating cost per hour is an important requirement for mine operators. Customers also require other performance benefits, such as a tread and casing that, together, deliver long hours to removal, resistance to cutting, and excellent traction in severe, hard-rock underfoot conditions. The new RH-4A+ provides these benefits to help mining fleets optimise productivity and lower their operating costs.”

The RH-4A+ is currently available in sizes 59/80R63, 46/90R57 and 27.00R49 through Goodyear’s global network of authorised OTR dealers. It is available in customised casing constructions and with Goodyear’s proprietary tread compounds to meet hauling conditions.

“Complementing the RH-4A+ is Goodyear’s EMTrack tyre performance tracking software, giving operators the ability to track the tyre’s properties to reduce operational costs,” Matson said. “With EMTrack, mining operators can track the performance of their tyres, including the new RH-4A+, in order to project timing of rotation, replacement and help to manage their inventory.”