Banlaw automates fuel-consuming asset data capture and analysis with BOB

Banlaw has announced the launch of Banlaw On-Board (BOB), a portable device that, it says, enables mine sites to automatically capture and analyse usage and consumption data for every fuel-consuming asset.

“Currently, data collection is a manual process that is time consuming, requires a different method for each type of mining equipment and is prone to errors,” the company says. “Inaccurate data and poor visibility contribute to unscheduled breakdown events, excessive fuel usage, and underutilised assets. BOB overcomes these issues by delivering an automated, unified data collection process.”

The device gathers key machine use data then calculates accurate odometer and engine hours information. The data is wirelessly transmitted each time the equipment is refuelled, requiring no human involvement or manual data collection processes, according to Banlaw.

“With BOB, insights can be viewed using the suite of reports included with Banlaw’s ResTrack RMS software and leveraged for maintenance scheduling and optimisation tasks,” it said.

Steve Tritten, Banlaw Mining Manager, said: “By automating the data collection process, mine sites gain optimum visibility and actionable insights, empowering them to make critical business decisions that reduce fuel waste, enable predictive maintenance and boost productivity.”