Uptake partnership with Wipro will help equip mining operators with greater industrial intelligence

Uptake recently announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process company, to deliver industrial intelligence for the utilities, chemical processing, mining and oil and gas industries. The partnership merges Uptake’s advanced analytics software with Wipro’s consulting and implementation services to equip asset-intensive operators with the digital tools for optimised maintenance and predictive analytics.

Uptake’s partnership with Wipro will equip mining operators with industrial intelligence on both fixed and mobile equipment. From operational technology (OT) data integration to work order optimisation and advanced decision support through predictive and prescriptive analytics, mining companies can tackle costly issues with data accessibility and reliability-centred maintenance to achieve a higher return on asset (ROA).

“Integrating multiple data sources and generating actionable insights are essential for businesses to grow and become intelligent enterprises. By combining Wipro’s experience in reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) and asset performance management (APM) with Uptake’s proprietary Asset Strategy Library® (ASL®), we will help heavy processing and energy customers optimise their inspection and maintenance processes. We look forward to working with our joint customers to realize improvements in safety, asset reliability, risk mitigation and reduce overall cost,” said Arnab Sarkar, Global Head, Energy Manufacturing Practice, Wipro Ltd.

The Asset Strategy Library (ASL), the world’s largest source of asset failure modes and maintenance strategies, covers 800+ of the most common critical assets with 58,000+ universal failure modes and 178,000+ as-found reportable conditions. The ASL delivers insights into how and why critical assets and their components fail, and the preventative maintenance (PM) strategies to prevent failures. The ASL, and its associated equipment strategies generated through Uptake PM Strategy Explorer, give operators access to expert-curated recommendations and best practices. Both components, in turn, power the maintenance strategy engine, Uptake Compass, which automatically cleans work order data to optimize maintenance programs.

“Asset-heavy companies are facing complex challenges in legacy OT & IT systems, sustainability issues, and skill shortages that can be managed with predictive maintenance,” said Andrew Soignier, Vice President of Product Development at Uptake. “Uptake’s partnership with Wipro will facilitate the easeful adoption and use of our advanced analytics products by corporations around the world.”

Uptake’s partnership with Wipro comes as the Industrial AI company recently announced its acquisition of ShookIOT, a leader in cloud-native data integration and integrity, as well as its partnership with Reliability Center, Inc (RCI), a provider of root cause analysis investigation software.