Dundee Sustainable Technologies signs framework agreement with Hatch for GlassLock arsenic stabilisation tech

Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc (DST) has entered into a Technology Framework Agreement with Hatch Ltd for the utilisation of DST’s arsenic stabilisation technology, known as the GlassLock Process™, in combination with Hatch’s fluid bed roasting and arsenic dry scrubbing technologies, on gold and arsenopyrite projects.

“We are very pleased to announce this collaboration agreement with Hatch as part of our strategic plan to accelerate the commercialisation of our technologies. Hatch has shown keen interest toward DST’s innovative solutions to address industry challenges around arsenic removal and stabilisation. We feel privileged to have this opportunity to collaborate with such an industry leader and a worldwide well-respected engineering firm. Hatch’s technologies around fluid bed roasting are also showing synergies with our GlassLock Process™ that we look further to expand on gold and arsenopyrite projects,” said David Lemieux, President and CEO.

The objective of the agreement is to synergise Hatch’s extensive client base, commercialisation and marketing expertise, fluid bed roasting and arsenic dry scrubbing technologies, and large-scale equipment engineering, supply, procurement, and life cycle services capabilities with DST’s innovative Technology to identify and develop potential gold and arsenopyrite projects using GlassLock.