Symboticware to deploy progressive digital technology on Major Drilling’s fleet of remotely located rigs

Leading Industrial IoT/AI company, Symboticware today announced that it has signed a contract with one of the world’s largest drilling companies, Major Drilling Group International Inc (MDI). “Due to extremely limited and unpredictable network connectivity, it’s been a historical challenge to collect operational data from such remote locations. Symboticware will enable MDI to better monitor their drill fleet performance and provide real-time data to help in training their crews faster. This will be done by deploying patented store-and-forward, machine-to-machine communication, and digital data muling technologies.”

The goal of the project is to improve machine and operator productivity, optimise profitability, and enhance safety through near-real-time asset performance management and advanced analytics. This implementation bolsters onboard visualisation as part of MDI’s innovation strategy for their proprietary IT Solution, the Trailblazer Analytics application.

The partnership will empower MDI’s team to use industry-leading, dynamic and advanced data collection and visualisations for their extensive fleet of drills. Together the partners says they will be utilising the world-class drilling knowledge from MDI with the flexible capabilities of Symboticware’s purpose-built solutions.

“The partnership with MDI is strategic and timely as we set out to transform the four million off-highway assets in the resource industries with our Operating System of Intelligence,” said Ash Agarwal, CEO of Symboticware. “MDI is one of the most innovative and progressive companies in the industry and we’re proud to have earned their trust. We’re excited to serve MDI with our market-leading and innovative solutions and look forward to a large-scale deployment across the world.”

“We are excited to partner with Symboticware and embark on the next step in digitising our rigs and our data collection capabilities,” said Marc Landry, Major Drilling VP of Technology & Logistics. “We are confident their expertise will aid us in advancing our fleet technologically, as well as help us usher in a new generation of drillers to our crews. With access to this new data, we will continue to lead in providing new members of our team the ability to learn faster by measuring their performance improvements.”