STRACON to develop Fenix ramp for Soma Gold’s Balvina Cordera project in Colombia

Canadian mining company Soma Gold, through its Colombian subsidiary Operadora Minera SAS, has awarded STRACON the contract for the execution of an access ramp at the Balvina Cordero project located in the Antioquia region of Colombia. This project will be developed over a period of nine months and includes the lateral development of the Fenix ramp through a collaborative contract. STRACON will oversee the execution of 1,300 m of ramp.

STRACON stated: “We are very happy to continue positioning the company and expanding our horizons in the region, grateful for the confidence given by Soma Gold to contribute to the development of one of its most significant projects scheduled for 2021. STRACON, proud of its team, reaffirms its passion and operational efficiency to continue building trusting relationships with its clients and promoting the development of a safe, efficient, and responsible mining industry.”

On February 2, Soma Gold had stated: “the Fenix portal, which will give the company access to the Balvina Cordero deposit, is approximately 35% of the way to reaching the orebody at Level 3. This first phase of the decline totals 890 m. The decline will then continue for an additional 610 m to provide access to lower mine levels. The company anticipates to commence mining on Level 3 in Q2. The average grade in Balvina Cordero is 6.2 g/t versus the 3.6 g/t the company has been mining at the Los Mangos and La Ye deposits. Mining will be fully ramped up in Q3 when the company expects monthly gold production to increase proportionately.”