eDumper battery electric haul truck developer eMining acquired by Lithium System AG from partner Kuhn Schweiz

Lithium System AG announced today that it took over 100% of the shares in eMining AG from Kuhn Schweiz AG at the beginning of 2021. eMining AG was founded in 2017 to build the world’s largest, battery-powered dump truck, the so-called eDumper, with a total weight of 123 t and a 65 t payload. Lithium System AG emerged from Lithium Storage GmbH which was a joint shareholder in eMining AG with Kuhn Schweiz and also the supplier of the batteries for the truck.

Since it was commissioned at a Ciments Vigier SA limestone quarry, near Biel-Bienne, in Switzerland, the eDumper, a Komatsu HD605-7 conversion with 700 kW NMC lithium battery power, has been in daily use and saves 50,000 litres of diesel thanks to its electric power per year. Since the descent is always loaded, more electrical energy is generated than is required for the ascent. As a by-product, CO2-free electricity is generated.

Lithium System AG says it was able to bring a new investor on board in autumn 2020, who, in addition to a capital increase and conversion into an AG, also enabled the takeover of eMining AG. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The statement said: “We will continue to work closely with Kuhn Schweiz AG so that, in the future, more battery-powered large vehicles for mines and mines can be built or converted to electric operation.” eMining had previously IM that it was working on a 110 ton (100 t) class eDumper and Lithium System CEO Roger Miauton confirmed that it is currently evaluating the 100 t truck chassis and is also set to produce more of the 65 t version. Other products it also supplies with batteries are Sennebogen 817E, 818E and 821E material handlers.