Southern Copper’s Toquepala deploys 4G LTE network from Huawei

According to a report in Peru’s Revista ProActivo, the Toquepala copper mine, located in the department of Tacna, continues to improve its technological infrastructure with the deployment of a new Huawei LTE network that will bring 4G connectivity to the operation and will allow it to be at the forefront of the use of new and advanced technologies within the mining sector. Toquepala is part of Southern Copper Corporation, a subsidiary of Grupo Mexico.

“This decision to work with Huawei allows us to advance digitalisation towards Mining 4.0, reinforcing the automation of our processes, making it possible to remotely carry out actions that are currently face-to-face in a broad spectrum, which translates into a more efficient management of operations. It is very important that the possibilities of new technologies are always on our radar and we are at the forefront,” said Jorge Hugo Meza, General Director of Operations of Southern Copper Corporation.

The report says given how important the mining industry is for Peru, Huawei has created a specific team dedicated only to addressing issues related to information and communication technologies (ICT) and Operation and Control Technologies (OT), in the mining sector, becoming one of the strongest wireless technology providers in the country, not only as a hardware and software provider but also as a service partner for all implementations, operations and maintenance.

The article added: “5G networks will be one of the most important key technologies in the new era of autonomous and remote mining and now Toquepala is taking a big step towards that goal: promoting this network and being a benchmark in the region in how 5G benefits the industry.”

“It will allow a high-tech network that will be able to support many more processes within the network, and added to the new changes here in Peru, we will have a very high-speed network,” highlighted Bao Getang, Huawei Peru CEO.