Eramet and EIT RawMaterials launch Responsible Mining challenge

Eramet has launched the Responsible Mining Innovation Challenge 2021 in partnership with EIT RawMaterials.

Following the success of last year’s challenge, Eramet is launching the 2021 edition of its Open Innovation Challenge with a theme of Responsible Mining.

“Consumers, like our customers, are increasingly demanding low-carbon and responsible supply chains,” the company said. “Eramet is particularly well positioned to meet this demand: CSR is at the centre of our strategic model and positions Eramet as a committed and contributive corporate citizen.“

Applicable to a wide area ranging from environmentally friendly exploration, water management, safety and monitoring at mining sites, mine rehabilitation and biodiversity to traceability of raw materials, this challenge illustrates the ambition of Eramet to make innovation a major contributor to responsible mining, it says.

Start-ups and SMEs are invited to apply to the Eramet Responsible Mining Challenge 2021 from June 15 to September 15, 2021. The winning team will be awarded a collaboration contract with Eramet (up to €50,000 ($60,549)), with potential extension to a long-term collaboration.

This new edition of Eramet’s Open Innovation challenge builds on six years of successful collaboration with EIT RawMaterials, which aims to provide efficient, competitive and responsible technology solutions for a sustainable supply of mineral resources for the European market.

Marion Lenoir, Head of Open Innovation Department at Eramet, said: “Eramet takes a 360° CSR approach integrating environment, climate, human rights, ethics and traceability of our products. Emerging technologies play a major role in advancing the mining industry, reducing the environmental impact of mining operations, as well as improving efficiency and reducing costs.”