Metalloinvest to roll out private LTE network from MegaFon at Lebedinsky iron ore mine

Metalloinvest says it will launch a private LTE wireless data network at iron ore operation Lebedinsky GOK, one of the world’s largest open pit mines, in cooperation with MegaFon. “Guaranteed coverage, security, high speed and low latency data transmission will enable the automation of complex technological processes associated with iron ore mining and the production of iron ore raw materials,” said the steel and iron ore mining major. The project involves installing 13 new base stations and upgrading five existing ones, constructing new antenna towers and laying fibre-optic lines.

MegaFon will provide the enterprise with seamless coverage using the 1800 and 2600 MHz bands. It will provide redundancy and wide network coverage in the areas with the highest concentration of the company’s employees and equipment. Following the implementation of the project, the company’s specialists will be able to monitor the performance of open-pit mine machinery and equipment even in difficult terrain conditions. The pit is 4.7 km long and 3.7 km wide, plus reaches a depth of 450 m.

By having its own stable network, Metallonivest says it will be able to improve workplace safety by automating complex and hazardous processes. It will also be able to introduce MegaFon Trunking digital radio communications with geolocation functionality, which will be able to locate each worker in real time and enable a quick response in emergency situations.

Yulia Shutkina, Digital Transformation Director of Management Company Metalloinvest, said: “Our companies have had a long and fruitful cooperation in IT technologies. MegaFon’s services help create an integrated information environment at production facilities and implement Metalloinvest’s innovative projects.”

Natalia Taldykina, Director of Corporate Business Development at MegaFon, said: “Private LTE from MegaFon will allow the roll out of a digital circuit at Lebedinsky GOK and lay the groundwork for the introduction of promising vertically integrated solutions. This project will help the company to reduce costs by forgoing the use of other networks deployed at the enterprise.”

To ensure a stable signal inside the processing plants, indoor coverage will also be organised at the enterprise, which will make it possible to implement services based on video analytics, the industrial Internet of things, solutions for locating employees, maintenance and repair of equipment.