CITIC HIC completes factory commissioning of 1,500 kW vertical stirred mill set for use by Codelco in Chile

CITIC Heavy Industries (CITIC HIC) says it has independently developed efficient ultra-fine grinding equipment in the form of a 250 ton, 1,500 kW CSM-1500 vertical stirred mill which has completed factory commissioning in Luoyang, China ahead of shipment to Chile’s copper mining major Codelco. Jin Song, General Manager of CITIC HIC hosted a live broadcast, with Codelco watching in South America market 20,000 km away.

CITIC HIC stated: “As everyone knows that at present, all kinds of mines continue to improve efficiency and productivity to achieve quality, efficiency and sustainable development. This CITIC Heavy Industries vertical mixing mill is a breakthrough in China’s high-end ultra-fine grinding equipment, developed through tndependent research and development of ‘neck’ technology

The machine has a processing capacity of 146-175 tons/h according to the material and the size of the discharge can be adjusted by 15 microns. At the same time, it says the equipment has low speed and strong reliability with low rates of wear, reduced noise and minimal heat. The core component of a vertical agitating mill is a spiral agitator. CITIC HIC says it adopted a different structure design based on a unique forging form of upper and lower spindle piers. It also used a block casting process for the lining board. “This gives the mill liner a longer life and higher efficiency compared with traditional horizontal ball mills. The energy saving effect can be 30-35%.” The design has a volute type ‘overflow port’ above the drum of the stirring mill. Due to gravity larger particles sink to the bottom and the smaller particles float above, coming out of the spillway.

It also features CITIC Heavy Industry’s original intelligent grinding door opening and closing device making it much easier for users to open and close the grinding door for maintenance. The unit also has PLC control, a touch screen display, and an intelligent control system making for stable operation and reliable performance.

CITIC added: “Energy saving and efficient ultra-fine grinding equipment such as the vertical stirred mill have gradually become the equipment of choice in mineral processing. Over the years, CITIC Heavy Industries has been continuously innovating based around customer demand, and is committed to promoting the construction of green, intelligent and cost-effective mines. This can rely on our products based on the world’s most advanced mineral processing technology, our state-level enterprise technology centre and our status as a national key laboratory for heavy mining equipment together with first-class software and hardware platforms. We can provide customers everything from material testing to scheme selection, design and development to finally production and manufacturing of equipment backed up with full life cycle service solutions.” The CITIC HIC vertical stirred mill range includes power coverage of 150-3,360kW of standardized, serialized vertical stirring mill products, energy-saving effect can be improved by more than 30%.