Immersive unveils a new level of mining sim realism with launch of PRO5

The PRO5 has been unveiled by Immersive Technologies for the first time publicly at MINExpo, along with the announcement of its new innovations. Equipped with a professional grade visual system, the PRO5 is “the first mining simulator to combine stereoscopic 3D, a one-piece curved display, photo-realistic graphics and RealView TM head tracking technology.”

The company says that PRO5 “delivers realism at a level not previously seen by the mining industry. The platform builds on the huge success of its predecessors the PRO4 and before that the PRO3 and AES2B which became the global standard in the mining industry over the past 23 years, training over 150,000 mining equipment operators across 45 countries.” Key takeways from the offering are given as follows:

  • Unmatched Realism – delivering true to life visual realism through photo-realistic environments and 3D stereoscopic display. The PRO5 visual system provides sensory immersion and depth perception at the highest levels possible.
  • Unmatched Reliability – designed to operate continuously in harsh mining environments the PRO5 utilizes proven professional grade components with extremely high mean time between failure. The platform is based on the most durable and proven design in mining simulation that has delivered an asset life of 10+ years with 99.4% system availability.
  • Unmatched Training Value – providing superior training value and continuous improvement capabilities. The PRO5 integrates years of learning and development experience and integrates new technologies and comforts for both the learner and the trainer. You can expect the highest levels of learning retention and skills transfer to the job, creating real operational value.

“Our close collaboration with mining companies paired with our vast mining technology experience is a catalyst for innovation that solves real mining business challenges. The PRO5 is another big step towards our mission to make resource companies measurably safer and more profitable,” said David Anderson, CEO Immersive Technologies.

Immersive Technologies’ Advanced Equipment Simulators it says “are the mining industry’s benchmark solution for operator training and workforce development. These platforms have an unparalleled track record in the delivery of quantified safety, productivity and unscheduled maintenance improvements, including verified real results by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Vale, Glencore, Barrick, Newmont, Freeport-McMoRan and Anglo American. This track record of innovation and customer success has led to Immersive Technologies being the Industry’s preferred partner with a dominant market share across simulation of all major mining OEM equipment.” It then quotes a sim market share of 90% for the world’s top 10 mining companies; 70% of the world’s top 20 mining companies and with 330+ global mining operations supported.