Komatsu Mining assembling 2650CX hybrid mining shovel at Robinson copper mine

The asembly of a new Komatsu P&H 2650CX hybrid shovel is in progress at the KGHM-owned Robinson copper mine in Nevada. Komatsu stated: “This product is an environmentally sustainable loading tool, helping miners to reduce fuel and greenhouse gas emissions while achieving their production targets.”

The 59 t payload 2650CX hybrid shovel features a combination of diesel and electric power to provide the best of both electric mining shovels and hydraulic excavators.  The hybrid architecture provides the following advantages according to Komatsu – first multiple dig paths – it has a high initial breakout force using an articulating clamshell bucket and allows for flat floor clean-up and high selectivity. Less fuel is required for digging as the SR hybrid drive (switch reluctance) technology captures regenerative power. Plus its fixed boom architecture reduces the mass to hoist.

The model also has an extended reach, offering increased safety through machine position relative to the bank. This also gives an increased range for truck spotting and makes the model capable of double side-loading. It has a reduced propel time while its twin diesel engines eliminate the requirement for an electrical cable. The 2650CX is designed to deliver a 10 to 15% reduction in total cost of ownership (as compared to hydraulic excavators), including up to 25% reduction in fuel consumption; up to 3% availability advantage and up to 5-10% reduction in maintenance and repair costs.

The Robinson Mine is located in White Pine County, Nevada, at an average altitude of 2,130 m above sea level. The mine includes three large pits: the currently active Ruth and areas without ongoing mining operations – Tripp-Veteran and Liberty.