Emerson acquiring majority of AspenTech & contributing its OSI industrial software & Geological Simulation Software businesses

Emerson and AspenTech have announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement to contribute Emerson’s industrial software businesses – OSI Inc and its Geological Simulation Software business – to AspenTech to create a diversified, high-performance industrial software leader with greater scale, capabilities and technologies being referred to as “new AspenTech.”

AspenTech is already a major player in mining in terms of its machine learning and predictive analytics offering. Its Mtell software recognises patterns in mineral process equipment operating data that predicts degradation and impending failure – well before it happens. Emerson’s industrial automation and control solutions are used in mining to merge scalable, high-speed deterministic controls with analytics.

Emerson will also contribute $6 billion in cash to new AspenTech, which will be received by AspenTech shareholders, in exchange for a 55% stake in new AspenTech. New AspenTech will offer a highly differentiated industrial software portfolio with the capabilities to support the entire lifecycle of complex operations across a wide range of industry verticals, including design and engineering, operations, maintenance and asset optimisation.

The transaction “accelerates Emerson’s software investment strategy as the company continues to build a higher growth, more diversified and sustainable portfolio, by creating an industrial software company with immediate scale and relevancy in a fast-paced and evolving market.” The new company, which will retain the name AspenTech, “enables Emerson to realise significant synergies and accelerate its software strategy to drive meaningful value creation. Majority ownership position in a highly valued, pure-play industrial software leader will give Emerson the platform and flexibility to strategically deploy capital for growth through continued investment and M&A. The transaction continues Emerson’s long history of delivering shareholder value.” New AspenTech will be fully consolidated into Emerson financials and is expected to be accretive to adjusted EPS after year one.

“We saw an attractive opportunity to accelerate our software strategy to capitalise on the rapidly evolving industrial software landscape and advance Emerson’s high value portfolio journey,” said Lal Karsanbhai, President and Chief Executive Officer of Emerson. “Our customers are increasingly seeking partners to help realise stronger performance as they automate workflows in their facilities to optimize operations. New AspenTech will become an engine for both acquisition and organic growth.”

“Today’s announcement marks an exciting new era. This transaction enables us to advance our position as a premier, highly diversified industrial software leader poised for significant growth, strong financial performance and a vehicle to drive future software acquisitions, while providing immediate cash value to AspenTech shareholders,” said Antonio Pietri, President and Chief Executive Officer of AspenTech, who will lead new AspenTech. “The new AspenTech will benefit from a larger and more diversified market, which we will be able to serve with a comprehensive software portfolio, an expanded global sales channel and an even stronger balance sheet reinforced by Emerson. Additionally, this transaction expands our ability to support customers’ global sustainability ambitions.”

Following completion of the transaction, new AspenTech will have a global footprint with strong go-to-market capabilities and more than 3,700 employees. On a pro forma basis, new AspenTech is expected to have FY22 annual revenues of $1.1 billion, adjusted EBITDA of approximately $490 million and achieve double-digit annual spend growth through 2026. New AspenTech will have a high growth, predictable business model with 86% of pro forma revenues from software and 14% of revenues from services.

The new AspenTech “will be an attractive environment for highly sought-after software talent, offering career opportunities to innovate in a technology-driven culture.”

Cited benefits of the transaction include:

  • New AspenTech Portfolio Spans the Full Asset Lifecycle: The new AspenTech will provide differentiated offerings in Industrial AI and asset optimisation with Emerson’s grid modernisation technology, advanced distribution management systems and geological simulation software. “With Emerson’s strong capabilities, new AspenTech will have an end-to-end software offering and be even better positioned to help customers improve their safety, reliability and production while reducing emissions.”
  • Diversified End Markets with Blue-Chip Customer Base: With the additional capabilities of OSI Inc and Geological Simulation Software, new AspenTech will expand into new, high growth markets. AspenTech recently announced a commitment to invest $35 million in life sciences and metals and mining that will help accelerate adoption of new AspenTech’s solutions. “The addition of OSI Inc will enable new AspenTech to develop its transmission and distribution offering to support power grid modernisation and ensure grid reliability. This expanded software capability will build on Emerson’s global life sciences expertise comprised of 3,000 installed control systems, 30 locations and nearly 1,000 project engineering and consulting employees dedicated to active life sciences projects. New AspenTech’s software is also scalable and adaptable to the emerging green energy markets and will be well-positioned to support blue-chip customers’ sustainability needs in current and new energy transition markets such as biofuels, hydrogen and carbon capture.”
  • Significant Revenue and Cost Synergy Opportunities: Over time, new AspenTech is expected to drive significant revenue and synergy opportunities by transitioning OSI Inc and the Geological Simulation Software business to a token and subscription-based business model, which AspenTech has successfully achieved for its existing portfolio. The token model enables customers to access a broader suite of software modules. “The transaction will enhance the two companies’ existing commercial alliance and increase collaboration between Emerson and new AspenTech as they share technologies, drive innovation and develop new products through their nearly 1,400 software engineers.” New AspenTech expects to deliver multiple, specific revenue growth opportunities by leveraging Emerson’s $120 billion global installed base and its sales force of nearly 12,000 salespeople. Cost synergies are expected to be driven by scale efficiencies, including shared R&D and SG&A organisations, overhead and spend optimisation. New AspenTech expects to achieve $110 million of total EBITDA synergies by year five, of which $40 million are from cost savings. Emerson also expects to benefit from the enhanced commercial alliance with new AspenTech, driving $45 million of EBITDA synergies.
  • Best-in-Class Financial Profile: New AspenTech will be a leading player in the industrial software market with scale and strong free cash flow generation to drive innovation and growth. On a pro forma basis, the company is expected to deliver double-digit revenue and free cash flow growth over the next five years. “Over time, as new AspenTech delivers on its synergy opportunities and completes the business model transitions of the OSI Inc and Geological Simulation Software businesses, it is expected to deliver a higher software and recurring revenue mix and stronger adjusted EBITDA and free cash flow margins.”
  • Strong Platform for Future Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions will be a key pillar of new AspenTech’s go-forward strategy given the continued evolution and consolidation of the industrial software industry. “With an expanded solution set, broader global footprint and larger installed base, new AspenTech will have access to a wider range of acquisition and investment targets across industries, products and geographies. With greater financial flexibility and the support of a well-capitalised Emerson, new AspenTech will have the scale and financial capacity to pursue and complete larger strategic transactions, quickly integrate targets and realise synergies.”