IDS GeoRadar IBIS-FM EVO for semi-permanent long-range slope monitoring

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, recently announced the release of slope-monitoring radar IBIS-FM EVO. With a maximum scan range of up to 5 km, IBIS-FM EVO is designed to measure submillimetre displacements in real time with the highest data quality.

The company states: “It advances semi-permanent safety-critical radar monitoring, leveraging and improving upon the IBIS-FM, the first ground-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to be widely adopted worldwide for early warning monitoring applications.”

“IBIS-FM EVO is the perfect monitoring solution for monitoring professionals looking to make informed decisions.” said Francesco Coppi, Director of Product Management at IDS GeoRadar. “The four times faster scan time and the new bidirectional scan allow geotechnical engineers to track even faster slope movements, obtaining reliable and high-quality data for geohazard analysis. The bidirectional scan also increases system durability and further reduces wear and power consumption.”

Slope monitoring radar is now standard practice for active monitoring of slopes in open pit mines and for safety-critical monitoring of landslides, glaciers or dams. Alerts warn in the event of progressive movements, which could lead to slope failure. Safely monitoring slopes 24/7 is essential for the safety of workers and protection of equipment. Early detection can prevent accidents. With long-term analysis, mine and civil engineering design can be optimised.

IBIS-FM EVO is equipped with a powerful radar sensor, combined with the new free-running acquisition technique (patent pending). “It improves the quality and reliability of the acquired data enabling better-informed decisions. Design is optimised to minimise maintenance requirements and power consumption even in the harshest conditions. Remote trouble shooting is easier with a dedicated, integrated live-streaming camera, which is particularly useful for remote installations where physical access to the system is difficult.”

IBIS-FM EVO is compatible with the Guardian slope monitoring software suite for the processing, interpretation and management of radar data.