MineHub and BHP enter into a commercial agreement

MineHub Technologies Inc has entered into a commercial agreement with BHP, the largest global resources company. Under the agreement, BHP will subscribe to the MineHub platform and enterprise applications as a paying customer. The MineHub global team will work closely with BHP to support the adoption of the MineHub platform by BHP operations and its business network.

MineHub is an open, enterprise-grade platform for digital trade, bringing efficiency, transparency and responsibility to supply chains. MineHub connects the many parties involved in a physical commodity transaction in a digitally integrated workflow, operating on the basis of shared authentic and validated information secured by a global enterprise blockchain network.

Arnoud Star Busmann, CEO at MineHub, said: “Our relationship with BHP has matured further with this step, reflecting the progress from pioneering and co-creating to a commercial service that has the potential to digitally support the sales operations of BHP and its customers. It also represents a major milestone for both the mining & metals industry and for MineHub – for the industry it demonstrates the viability of a digital industry platform, and for MineHub it represents the transition to a revenue generating company.”

MineHub says its platform enables companies to:

  • Gain improved visibility into their supply chains to pro-actively mitigate against disruptions
  • Move from physically delivered documents to digital transactions to protect cashflows
  • Enhance their customer experience with rich, high-quality and real-time data to save time and optimise operations
  • Verify compliance with ESG policies, including trade regulations to avoid costly fines and protect their brand

It says MineHub brings to market one of the most proven innovative solutions for supply chains and the company expects to continue to execute on it’s strategy and roadmap, including advancing growth through additional commercial agreements with large industry companies in 2022, growing its value and adoption in the copper industry; expanding its footprint in iron ore flows to China; further roll-out of ESG functionality, including scope 3 emissions accounting and carbon offsettin; and launching its trade finance syndication platform.