Sany signs major new wide body truck and excavator contracts with CSN Mineracao

Sany do Brasil, since 2021, has been investing in the mining market with wide body trucks in the form of the 60 t SKT90S off-road truck and the Sany SKT90E electric off-road truck. As a result of these investments, Sany do Brasil was able to formalise, in May 2022, the sale of 23 SANY SKT90S off-road trucks and three SANY SY750H excavators to CSN Mineracao and its Casa de Pedra iron ore mine.

Sany do Brasil said: “Because strong companies demand strong, resistant machines with a high degree of reliability, so the SANY SKT90S off-road truck, which adds all these features and takes mining activity to a new level, fulfilling a gap that previously existed in the market and helping to increase productivity combined with cost reduction, was the equipment chosen by CSN to meet its needs.”

The delivery of the 23 off-road trucks by SANY was carried out at an event held at CSN’s headquarters, in the Municipality of Congonhas, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, on May 19, 2022. After this purchase and considering the excellent performance of the equipment, combined with CSN’s satisfaction with the purchase, Sany closed another contract with a company of the group, this time with CSN Cimentos, for the sale of another nine units of the SKT90S Off-Road and another six units of the SANY SY980H excavator, whose delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Elsewhere, in its Q1 2022 results released on May 4, CSN Mineracao stated: “In Q1 2022, CSN Mineracao signed an important agreement with Sany to become the first mining company in Brazil to use 100% electric trucks in its fleet. Already in the second quarter of 2022 two trucks that will make up the fleet to transport mining tailings come into operation.” These two trucks are 60 t class SKT90E models which arrived in Brazil in mid-May 2022. This Sany model is also autonomous-ready.

Sany is having major successes in Brazil – also this year alone it has delivered fleets of SKT90S trucks to cement major Grupo Votorantim to its Araçariguama quarrying operations; as well as to quarry operator Grupo Itaquareia and iron ore miner JMN Mineração, part of Grupo J Mendes. Sany operates in the country both direct and through dealer Irmen Máquinas based in Sao Paulo.