Macmahon and partners develop custom underground loader tyre solution

Macmahon has teamed up with BKT Tires, Tradefaire International and RUD Chains to produce what it says is the world’s first custom underground loader tyre.

The contract mining major states: “The rough terrain of our mine sites means we need to fit our loader tyres with protective chains to last longer and reduce downtime. Unfortunately, obtaining these tyres has been unnecessarily complicated. The process involved ordering tyres from a supplier, sending tyres to another company to be shaved down to size and getting chains fitted at another place.”

Macmahon said this process was not only time-consuming but expensive. It also created unnecessary waste, with the rubber shaved off tyres ending up in landfills. So the company found a way to improve sustainability practices by manufacturing custom tyres.

“We teamed up with specialists in industrial tyres, BKT Tires, and accredited Australian tyre distributor, Tradefaire International. Both companies jumped at the chance to collaborate with Macmahon on the world’s first custom loader tyre.”

After working through the specifications, BKT produced tyres with a rolling circumference to fit the chains Macmahon needed for its mining environment. The process took 12 months from concept to delivery, which was impressive considering shipping delays.

The technicians that manufactured the tyres travelled from India to Australia to visit the Tropicana Goldmine to see the new tyres in action at Boston Shaker Underground Mine.

“Manufacturing our underground loader tyres is exciting because it exemplifies our commitment to innovation, but it’s also incredible for sustainability. The custom tyre means together we can reduce waste, reduce costs by 25%, reduce production time and reduce energy consumption.”