Epiroc partners with Weber on bolting safety & efficiency using resin technology

Epiroc Ground Support and Weber Mining and Tunnelling, a global leader in ground control chemicals and technologies, have partnered together to create innovative resins that the companies say “will undoubtedly optimise and improve bolting safety and efficiency in the mining industry.” The Potentia® Thixo resin is the first to result from the partnership. They added that new and exciting projects are still in development, “making this collaboration a favourable addition to the industry.” The two component resin gels immediately once mixed and can be pumped into pre-drilled holes or pumpable bolts at varying speeds.

Potentia® Thixo is a two-component pumpable resin for the anchoring of rockbolts and cable bolts, designed for optimum application using Epiroc’s Boltec mechanised bolters. The two component system is delivered by a pump unit and is injected through a nozzle. The mixed resin begins to gel immediately, setting into a strong solid mass with excellent mechanical properties. When injected through hollow rockbolts the viscous mix fills the annular space between the bolt and the borehole in order to create a full column bond independent of the size of the hole.

For support using cable bolts or solid bars, Potentia® Thixo can be pumped into the borehole through an injection pipe prior to insertion of the cable or bolt. The setting time is adjusted to achieve a longer open time, enabling installation of a cable or solid bolt into a pre-filled borehole. Once mixed, Potentia® Thixo is unaffected by water. The product is non-foaming and can even adhere to damp surfaces. Potentia® Thixo is available in three different reaction times (Slow, Normal and Fast).