ANDRITZ introduces LiKOSET – a bespoke thickener solution for lithium processing

With the market launch of the new LiKOSET thickener, international technology Group ANDRITZ says it presents a perfect solution for efficient clarification of liquids and recovery of slurry. “Based on decades of experience in thickening and clarification systems, ANDRITZ offers the LiKOSET, a highly reliable and cost-effective thickener that can be used in a wide range of industries, especially for the sustainable processing of lithium and various minerals for the agricultural industry.”

Lithium is an essential component of rechargeable batteries – for small devices such as smartphones, but also for electric cars. Particularly because of its use in electromobility, the alkali metal is currently developing into a raw material in great demand. “Therefore, its efficient and particularly sustainable processing is of particular importance. The same is true for the agricultural industry, which uses potassium carbonate (potash) for securing food supply. In both industries, ANDRITZ can make an important contribution to sustainability with the LiKOSET.”

This new thickener in the ANDRITZ portfolio is built from high-quality duplex stainless steel, thus making it suitable for corrosive and humid operating conditions. It has higher strength compared to other products on the market and is easy to maintain. Thanks to its modular design (bolted or welded) and preliminary configuration (diameters from 9 to 30 m), the LiKOSET thickener can be delivered in a short time (within 16 weeks) and installed rapidly.

Optionally, LiKOSET thickeners can also be roofed to provide protection against environmental contamination and also safeguard other equipment. The LiKOSET can also be combined with the control system Metris addIQ ACE from ANDRITZ to create a fully integrated automation solution that enables maximum operational efficiency.