Leer metcoal mine deploys longwall Komatsu Personal Proximity Detection system

In the US, Arch Resources’ Leer metcoal operation in West Virginia has recently introduced advanced longwall automation technologies into their operation which help to drive toward zero harm and increase productivity. Providing a safety-focused technology solution for Leer, Komatsu’s Personal Proximity Detection system is designed to detect and monitor the location of operators on the longwall face.

The system advances the journey to zero harm by preventing movement of an advancing shield if the system detects a worker in harm’s way. Full integration into the Faceboss Control System eliminates the need for additional components.

The system also enables Leer’s Roof Support Surface Control feature that opens a secure remote connection from a surface PC to the roof support control system to manage the roof supports or initiate automated functions from the surface of the mine. This reduces operator exposure to dust by placing them in a safer location while helping increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Arch Resources is a leading US producer of metcoal for the global steel industry, and the leading supplier of premium High-Vol A metcoal globally. Arch and its subsidiaries operate four large, modern metallurgical mines – the Leer and Leer South operations are complemented by the Beckley and Mountain Laurel mines.