Global Road Technology to expand dust suppression reach with TotalEnergies pact

Queensland-based engineering solutions company Global Road Technology has announced an exclusive partnership with TotalEnergies to distribute its dust suppression products.

The new partnership with TotalEnergies Marketing Australia, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies SE, will see it become its exclusive distributor.

TotalEnergies will supply a suite of environmentally safe, sustainable and cutting-edge dust suppression products, designed to stabilise soil while stopping the spread of airborne particulate pollution at mine sites. This partnership will be transformational for GRT, according to GRT CEO, Troy Adams.

“This partnership with TotalEnergies Marketing Australia will be transformational for our business and the entire GRT team is looking forward to the opportunity to significantly build our presence within the Australian and international mining services market,” he said.

“What is becoming apparent is that the reputation of GRT for providing eco-friendly, sustainable and effective products to control particulate pollution for the purpose of protecting the environment, mining site personnel, along with local communities, is growing and was one of the core drivers of this new deal. One of the most exciting elements of our new relationship with TotalEnergies is that it will provide us the ability to promote and grow our autonomous SMART (sustainable, mining, autonomously, reporting technology) Dosing Units that use data and automation to help in mitigating particulate pollution to the mine sites serviced by the wider TotalEnergies network.”

GRT’s product suite of dust suppression, non-toxic chemical applications twinned with its engineered dosing and application techniques has seen it emerge as a national leader in the development of infrastructure and process solutions for the global markets, and sees it well-placed to capitalise on this growth, the company says. Automation is a core focus of GRT’s product offering for the mining sector worldwide with its SMART Dosage Units (SDUs) being one of its most in-demand products.

Adhering to the company’s ISO 9001 certified quality management system, these Australia-manufactured SDUs consist of a central control and satellite communication module. This is combined with electrical and mechanical hardware that provides the ability to remotely control and automate product dosage, error detection, and flow rates – using IoT technology. They are also equipped with Wi-Fi technology to allow for remote management and communication between units to ensure accurate dosage is distributed across the site, minimising wastage and maximising efficacy, it said.

GRT’s ‘whole-of-site’ dust solutions also extends to eco-friendly polymer based products like GRT: Haul-Loc and GRT: Activate that dovetail with these autonomous systems to deliver effective dust control and provide critical data to customers, it added.

TotalEnergies Marketing Australia National Mining Manager, Andrew Druwitt, said: “We are pleased to be appointed as GRT’s exclusive distributor, which complements TotalEnergies Marketing Australia’s mining offer and technical support for its customers. This partnership perfectly illustrates TotalEnergies’ focus on customer centricity by providing innovative products and services which address customer needs and also contribute to their sustainable development strategy.”