Epiroc’s Fordia & Major Drilling collaborate to develop DiscovOre Prime coring system

Fordia Powered by Epiroc is set to unveil the DiscovOre Prime coring system at the PDAC 2023 global mineral exploration & mining conference, being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from March 5-8. The new product is said to be safer, faster, and lighter.

Following the 2018 launch of the DiscovOre head assembly and Arrow 3S overshot, Fordia Powered by Epiroc and Major Drilling collaborated to improve the system and bring more focus on the fluid dynamics in the design. The result of that collaboration is that the DiscovOre Prime which is cited as the safest and fastest coring system in the market. A faster head means a driller can be more productive and drill more metres.

“We’re really excited about the global release of the DiscovOre Prime, a great product with built-in safety features that automatically engage and do not require additional manual steps,” said Luca Arnaldi, Global Product Line Manager for Coring Consumables at Fordia Powered by Epiroc. “We are looking forward to introducing the Prime to the drilling community at PDAC. It’s a premium product that features an excellent return on investment. Payback can be achieved within a few days,” he added.

In maintaining a focus on safety and productivity, the company is also taking advantage of the convention to launch the T2S drill rods. They feature a tough, double start thread profile with a connection that is easier to find and start. This is a great feature when using a rod handler which increases productivity but reduces potential injuries and pinch points as well. Finally, the company will introduce the Pro 25+ water swivel, the latest and most robust addition to their line of underground water swivels. This swivel has an impressive capacity for its lightweight, can accommodate different size fittings and has sealed parts for extra protection.