NHL to supply 21 360 ton class electric drive mining trucks to Zhunneng

Chinese large mining truck leader Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co Ltd (NHL) has successfully won a contract to supply 21 units of 360 ton class electric drive mining trucks to national energy and coal giant CHN Energy’s Zhunneng Group in China’s Inner Mongolia.

This is NHL’s second major mining truck order from Zhunneng after the mine ordered nine electric drive 360 ton class NTE360B trucks in 2021. CHN Energy (which resulted from the merger of China Guodian Corporation and Shenhua Group) began to cooperate with NHP as early as 1990. Zhunneng Group owns the Zhungeer mining complex which includes two of China’s largest coal mines, namely Heidaigou and Haerwusu.

NHL says its mining vehicles trucks have been fully verified and generally praised by CHN Energy in terms of reliability, durability, operation cost and intelligence level. It adds that NHL and Zhunneng have been working together in mining truck R&D. NHL adds: “The mining trucks we are supplying to Zhunneng are the result of great technological breakthroughs in vehicle design, power transmission, large structural parts design and manufacture, vehicle informatisation and intelligence level, quantitative design, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and other collaborative innovations. This is all aimed at meeting the needs of intelligent and digital mines.

NHL concluded: “We will continue to provide customers including the CHN Energy with high-quality, high reliability, high durability, and lowest lifecycle operating cost mine haulage equipment, helping users to build both smart mines and green mines.”