GroundProbe opens second manufacturing facility in Tucson

GroundProbe has opened the doors of its second manufacturing and assembly facility in Tucson, Arizona. The opening marks an important milestone in GroundProbe’s growth and signifies the company’s continued commitment to customers across the Americas. It comes just five months after announcing their plans to build the facility at last year’s Slope Stability Symposium in the same city. 

GroundProbe’s Chief Executive Officer, David Noon, said that company growth and customer pull drove the decision to build multiple manufacturing and assembly facilities. “Rising demand saw us straining to produce the number of systems our customers needed, to the point where we needed to increase our manufacturing capabilities to bolster output. Our customers in North and South America make up a significant portion of that demand, so it made absolute business sense to split our capabilities by hemisphere.” 

He adds: “Having the Tucson facility means we can more readily deploy our safety-critical systems – systems that are integral to their ongoing operations and productivity – to those customers.”

In operation since 2001, GroundProbe is widely accepted as the global leader in real-time technologies that detect instabilities and predict when mine and dam collapses will occur. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with all products, until now, manufactured at its headquarters.

GroundProbe’s Chief Commercial Officer and VP Americas, Ben Moke, believes that the benefits to GroundProbe’s customers are wide-ranging. “The Tucson facility provides reduced lead times and increased supply security, and through local sourcing and reduced freight, better environmental results for our customers. We will manufacture our products to the same level of quality that we are known for and that is expected of us. We have exercised a stringent verification process with all new suppliers, supported by our existing robust quality engineering processes, and are gradually ramping locally sourced components as we produce more systems.”

More adds: “And through local sourcing and reduced freight, we are proud to be helping our customers meet their site and corporate ESG targets.” The first radar rolling off the production line in Tucson is SSR800. The company concludes: “This a huge milestone for GroundProbe, made possible by the ongoing support of our customers, suppliers and of course, our people.”