Bridgestone begins US production of its largest MasterCore tyres at Aiken

Bridgestone is expanding its domestic production of MasterCore tyres in the US, which it describes as “the pinnacle of our off-the-road (OTR) mining tyre technology,” at its OTR plant in Aiken County, South Carolina which it says is a marriage of product and facility both designed with sustainability in mind.

Bridgestone MasterCore improves durability with an integrated manufacturing process, the innovative use of materials and proprietary design for new structure. The tyres utilise an industry-first Metal Surface Coating technology, a process that applies a bonding agent to the tyre’s steel cord, for improved adhesion to deliver ultra-high durability. In addition, MasterCore tyres utilise a proprietary process to apply an anti-rust steel coating developed and manufactured by Bridgestone for added moisture resistance and a new rubber compound that reduces crack propagation by 20% for improved belt and casing life.

In April 2023, Bridgestone adds production of two MasterCore products (53/80R63 and 59/80R63) to its LEED- and ISCC-certified Aiken County Off Road plant in Graniteville, SC, in an effort to more efficiently meet US supply demands. The tyre manufacturer states: “Aiken is Bridgestone’s only plant in North America that produces giants, and it represents one of our most sustainable and environmentally conscious facilities.”

It adds that the Aiken plant reuses 92% of its own construction debris and 100% of discarded manufacturing materials; leverages rail transportation as an alternative method to truck transport, reducing 600 tons of CO2 in transportation to its Western Canada market in 2022 alone; and harvests rainwater via geomembrane pond liners and pavers, creating retention ponds.

On the tyres themselves, the company states: “Standing 13 f t tall and weighing upwards of 10,000 pounds each, Bridgestone MasterCore mining tyres represent the pinnacle of Bridgestone tyre technology and manufacturing expertise, and they are designed to enable a more efficient and sustainable mining operation. MasterCore tyres can deliver up to 5% more durability, 10% faster speed, or 15% greater payloads, maximising a mine’s productivity.”

It says this introduction to Aiken’s product portfolio is the latest example of how Bridgestone is investing in its domestic manufacturing footprint to advance the company’s global competitiveness and commitment to sustainability.