FLANDERS & Hofmann form mining truck electro-mechanical wheel motor alliance

FLANDERS and Hofmann Engineering have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) “to strategically align the electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, capabilities, and production facilities of each company.” The combined resources will provide customers with turnkey, world-class aftermarket electro-mechanical wheel motor solutions for their haul truck fleets. 

The MoU initially serves as the platform to provide advanced aftermarket haul truck wheel motor solutions and enables future expansion into supplying repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades to other mobile mining equipment models or components. 

“We believe the MoU represents the beginning of a long-term and strong alliance. We are excited to team up our two renowned companies to offer world class products and services to the mining industry, supporting the pillars of Safety, Quality, Reliability, Productivity that drive TCO,” said John Oliver, CEO of FLANDERS. 

“We see ourselves as the supplier of choice for aftermarket mechanical and electrical solutions to the mining equipment market,” said Erich Hofmann, Managing Director, Hofmann Engineering. 

The two companies add that they are “excited to launch this new strategic alliance to continue innovating in the electro-mechanical mining haul truck domain, and to expand our footprint globally.”

FLANDERS is headquartered in Indiana in the US but with global locations across the Americas, Australia and in Africa. It is already well known in mining for its conversions of electric drive mining trucks from DC to its AC traction motors as well as applying its state-of-the-art FREEDOM control system, which tracks vibration and temperature trends to show when traction motors will need predictive maintenance to ensure safety and performance. It also applies a similar approach and scaled up technologies with mining shovels and draglines. Plus it is the leading player in OEM-agnostic automation of blast hole drill rigs with its ARDVARC system.

Hofmann Engineering, based in Bassendean, Perth in Australia but again with multiple global locations, is best known for being a leader in mining for gears and drive solutions for large grinding mills, including some of the largest in the world. However, its product range also incorporates both mechanical and electrical final drive transmissions for haul trucks plus associated components interchangeable with OEM products.