MacLean BEV fleet solution selected by Torex for Media Luna

MacLean EV Series™ production support mining equipment has been chosen by Torex Gold Resources Inc for their Media Luna Project at the gold producer’s Morelos Complex in Mexico. The fleet of MacLean EV Series battery electric mining vehicles (BEVs) that will be manufactured, commissioned, and supported by MacLean at the Media Luna Project will include a full suite of utility vehicles (explosives chargers, elevated work platforms, graders, and material transporters).

“When we initiated our Full Fleet Electrification Program back in 2015 and showcased one of our first battery electric Bolters at MINExpo in 2016, we knew that the industry as a whole was going to take some time make the transition away from diesel-powered rubber-tyred fleets, given air quality and ventilation cost concerns that only get more acute as mines go deeper around the globe,” remarks Kevin MacLean, President, MacLean Engineering.

He adds: “What we didn’t realise was how quickly this shift would actually happen and with over 50 MacLean BEVs shipped around the world and over one quarter of a million operating hours logged, we’re now expecting that within the next few years, half our capital builds will be battery electric. So, the future is indeed here when it comes to underground mining electrification – we genuinely appreciate the vote of confidence that Torex and other mining producers have shown us.” 

“I’m really proud of our MacLean team across Latin America and especially at our Queretaro, Mexico facility where we have invested millions of dollars to build out our manufacturing footprint and grow MacLean’s production and technical support capabilities in that part of the world,” added Tony Caron, MacLean Vice President of Latin America & Quebec.

He continued: “With over 100,000 square feet of production capacity and close to 200 employees, we now have the people and the infrastructure in place in Mexico to build and support EV and diesel fleets across our customer base in Latin America generally, and Torex’s Media Luna Project specifically. I’m honoured that Torex has chosen MacLean as one of their fleet suppliers. I couldn’t be prouder of my colleagues or more excited for what’s to come as we help support this first, key step in electrifying the Mexican underground mining industry.”

“We were the first underground mining equipment manufacturer to announce and deliver on in-country production in Mexico,” notes Rene Valle, MacLean General Manager for Mexico and the Caribbean. “With the ‘MacLean Mexicana’ team in place and by leveraging all the benefits our new facility in Queretaro, we can get MacLean mining vehicles built and shipped to sites faster, then support them in a more agile and responsive way once they are working. I’m very honoured that Torex has given MacLean this vote of confidence in our mobile equipment innovations for safety and productivity, along with our aftermarket promise for support across the full lifecycle. This is the ‘MacLean Way’ and it’s what Torex will see at Media Luna with our customer-focused delivery.”