Chinese auto mining fast mover EACON to bring battery AHS to Australia

EACON Mining, one of the leading players in open pit autonomous mining fleet technology in China, has announced the establishment of EACON Australia in Perth. As a subsidiary of EACON Mining, it says the entity’s primary objective is to provide superior services tailored to the Australian market’s needs.

A statement continued: “Our expansion into Australia was motivated by its robust mining industry, favorable regulatory environment for autonomous driving, rich talent pool, and strong Sino-Australian trade relations.¬†EACON Australia is currently engaging with potential partners to initiate pilot projects, offering two primary solutions for the Australian market.”

One is a comprehensive retrofit plan that transforms mainstream mining truck models into self-driving ones. This transformation involves drive-by wire¬†modifications, the installation of autonomous driving systems, collaborative equipment systems, and cloud-based dispatching and management platforms. “Our vehicle engineering team, with over 30 talented individuals experienced in whole vehicle design and drive-by-wire solutions, has experience of successfully retrofitted more than 200 mining vehicles, prioritising safety and reliability.”

The second solution is to provide factory-installed battery electric autonomous mining trucks. These trucks, while having a payload capacity of 60 t, it says can effectively meet the haulage needs of smaller mines and quarries without increasing labour costs, making them viable replacements for existing 90 t and 100 t diesel trucks.

The company adds: “In both cases, our aim is to bring our field-proven autonomous system, refined over three years and across 70 trucks in China, to Australian customers. We strive to provide localised, tailored functions and features that benefit not only large-scale mines but also small and medium-sized operations. Furthermore, we are actively developing new energy-efficient trucks with larger payload capacities to meet diverse mining requirements.”

EACON Australia concludes that it is dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability in the Australian mining industry. “Through retrofit solutions, battery electric trucks, and ongoing technological advancements, we aim to support mining industry customers in their journey toward reduced emissions and increased efficiency.”