Green Gravity and RUC to explore gravitational energy storage systems potential

Green Gravity and underground mining contractor RUC have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the commercialisation of gravitational energy storage systems.

The MoU sets out cooperation on technical opportunities, data insights and commercial arrangements, according to Green Gravity.

Green Gravity’s energy storage system moves heavy weights vertically in legacy mine shafts to capture and release the gravitational potential energy of the weights. By using proven mechanical parts and disused mine shafts, Green Gravity’s energy storage technology is low-cost, long-life and environmentally compelling, the company claims. The technology improves the economics of wind and solar power, leading to a faster and lower cost transition away from fossil fuels, it added.

The partnership brings together RUC’s deep capability in shaft sinking and mine shaft hoisting operations with Green Gravity’s energy storage technology. The combination of these skills has the potential to significantly accelerate and to improve the deployment of gravitational energy storage systems into mine shafts, according to the companies.

According to Mark Swinnerton, founder and CEO of Green Gravity, the partnership represents an important step in the technology development. Bringing the extensive mine shaft experience of RUC to the design team ensures the best industry knowledge is being integrated into the energy storage technology.

He said: “Green Gravity is bringing new technology to an existing population of mine shafts. Partnering with a leading organisation who sunk many of those shafts is an obvious choice. Bringing the experience of RUC to the table allows the best knowledge of existing operations to be included into our cutting-edge renewable energy technology.

“With detailed design underway for our commercial-scale energy storage system, integrating the global scale and innovative thinking of RUC to areas like the vertical transit system and mine winder design will generate superior outcomes for the technology. RUC is a recognised industry leader and Green Gravity is proud to be working with them.

“The recent construction of the Gravity Lab in Port Kembla NSW has taken Green Gravity’s technology to the next level. Integrating the technical advancements of the electrical and control systems with the latest underground mining knowledge of RUC will lead to enhanced capability for our renewable energy technology.

“Green Gravity’s energy storage technology represents a breakthrough in the search for economic long-duration storage of renewable energy. By re-using mining assets, costs can be kept low. By using gravity as the fuel, we dispense with consuming the critical water, land, and chemicals which other storage technologies rely on.”

Sean Henley, Associate Director Shafts and Underground Construction at RUC, said: “We are excited to partner with Green Gravity to develop and deliver a sustainable energy storage solution. This collaboration is a perfect fit and a great opportunity to provide our specialist expertise and help contribute to a greener future.”