RCT supplies teleremote dozing solution to multi-metal mine in Finland

RCT says it has deployed a state-of-the-art teleremote dozer at a multi-metal mine in Finland looking to further automate the mine site and improve overall employee wellbeing.

The ControlMaster® technology on the Cat D11T dozer was chosen for numerous reasons, including its durability, interoperability and high level of customer support, RCT said.

“The site experiences extreme temperatures and has legislation in place surrounding dust control,” RCT’s BDM, Mike Thomas, explained.

This legislation, while necessary for operators’ health, significantly reduces the amount of time employees work each day while operating manually from the cab of the machine.

The mine site was after a solution, and they looked to RCT for one that addressed all their requirements, the company said. Implementing RCT’s ControlMaster Teleremote technology removes the operator from the machine itself and relocates them to a safe, ergonomic working environment. In this instance, workers are relocated to a state-of-the-art automation centre within the mine operations, keeping them safe from harsh weather conditions and exposure to dust.

“The technology is extremely robust, which means it can operate effectively in extreme weather conditions such as the -50°C experienced on site,” Thomas said. “It’s fit-for-purpose, designed to cater to mining clients, all over the world.

“In addition to this, ControlMaster is extremely flexible with third-party networks and other solutions which is what makes the technology stand out from competitors.”

The technology has been well received on-site with all operators very happy with the implementation, according to RCT, with the new way of working on site fully embraced by operators.

“They are investing in their future and the way to do work to look after their employees now and in the future,” Thomas added.