Sika increases macro fibre production capacity in Tennessee

Sika has increased production capacities for macro fibres at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, thus extending a product line of strategic importance for its Region Americas. With this innovative fibre technology, Sika says it is further strengthening its position as the leading single-source supplier to the mining industry and a strong partner for sustainable construction projects.

Synthetic macro fibres are based on an innovative technology for the constructive and static reinforcement of concrete construction. The macro fibres are cost-efficient. Construction times are shortened given that no assembly of conventional reinforcement structures is required, and they significantly enhance the properties of cured concrete, surpassing traditional steel reinforcement. “In addition, the innovative technology enhances sustainability in construction. Its use allows the concrete structures’ lifespan to be considerably extended compared with steel reinforcing. These are important factors that have a positive impact on green building ratings such as the international LEED certification system.”

Christoph Ganz, Regional Manager Americas: “The United States is experiencing a booming trend in the construction of new industrial and sustainable production facilities, including gigafactories and data centres. This surge in construction is driving a high demand for macro fibres, which are used in manufacturing of abrasion-resistant slabs and industrial flooring. On top of this, there is growing demand for macro fibres in the US, Canada, and Latin America in shotcrete applications to stabilise excavations in tunnelling and mining. This smart investment will allow us to make further advances in our market penetration throughout Region Americas, unlocking the potential offered by strong growth markets on a targeted basis.”

Sika already has a strong presence in the mining industry in Latin America and Canada, which was significantly expanded through the acquisition of King Packaged Materials Company in 2019.
Building on this foundation, the recent acquisition of Thiessen Team USA has further solidified Sika’s position in the American mining sector. “Reshoring of industrial know-how from Asia is triggering substantial investment in the construction of new production plants. This also opens vibrant sales markets for Sika’s macro fibre technologies in the US.”