Redpath Mining South Africa partners with Sandvik for digital training

In a milestone that will help to revolutionise mining training and safety practices in Southern Africa, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has provided its state-of-the-art digital trainers to leading mining contractor Redpath Mining South Africa.

“Our digital trainers offer a range of advantages that are set to transform the way mining personnel acquire skills and knowledge,” says Vusi Thobela, Key Accounts Manager at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “These cutting-edge training tools provide an immersive and realistic simulation of mining operations, empowering trainees to gain practical experience in a controlled environment.”

This innovative technology provides trainees with interactive interfaces that closely resemble the controls and displays found on real mining equipment. This ensures a seamless transition from training to on-site applications for trainees. It also enables them to learn and practice safety protocols and emergency procedures without exposing them to the risks associated with real-life mining activities.

The strategic partnership between Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions and Redpath Mining South Africa – under a global framework agreement – signifies a shared vision of promoting excellence and safety in the mining industry. According to Sudesh Deonarain, General Manager Engineering at Redpath Mining, the high-fidelity simulations offered by Sandvik’s digital trainers enhance the training experience.

“Our trainees can familiarise themselves with a range of mining environments, equipment behaviour and tasks, allowing them to hone their skills in a life-like setting,” says Deonarain. “From equipment operation and maintenance to troubleshooting and teamwork, they can practice various scenarios, ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges.”

He says these cutting-edge tools help to better equip Redpath’s workforce to navigate the complexities of modern mining operations and to ensure safety and productivity. Thobela adds that the accurate simulation of mining equipment and processes allows trainees to develop a deep understanding of the intricacies of operating and maintaining the Sandvik machines.

“This supports increased productivity and reduced downtime, ultimately optimising operational efficiency in mining operations,” he says. “Furthermore, the digital trainers may incorporate data analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights into trainee performance, equipment utilisation and operational efficiency.”

He notes that the data-driven approach fosters continuous improvement in training methodologies, contributing to the overall growth and success of mining operations. “Redpath’s commitment to operational excellence, combined with Sandvik’s leading technology, is paving the way towards enhanced training and safety standards throughout Africa’s mining landscape,” says Thobela.