Boliden looks to strengthen biodiversity ties with Sarkanenä Sustainability Park near Aitik

In order to strengthen biodiversity and create accessible nature experiences for the public, Boliden has today inaugurated the Sarkanenä Sustainability Park close to its Aitik mine in Sweden.

The company’s aim is for additional sustainability parks to be introduced in connection with active or decommissioned sites, it says.

Åsa Jackson, Executive Vice President People and Sustainability at Boliden, said: “Mines inevitably have an impact on the environment and the local community in which mining takes place. However, by restoring the land or setting aside other land and initiating efforts to promote biodiversity, we can strengthen the overall natural values and contribute to long-term solutions for both ourselves and others.”

Boliden’s sustainability parks are areas within our land holdings consisting of forest land, decommissioned sites or land adjacent to active sites that can be opened to the public. The sustainability parks reflect the conditions at the site in question and will demonstrate the site’s history and Boliden’s association with it, historically, today and in the future, the company said.

A meeting place protected from weather will be available at all parks, along with nature experiences in the form of trails, playful elements, activities and more to learn about biodiversity. The information provided is also based on ecological, economic, socio-cultural and legal aspects, such as the natural values associated with the site and how these can be recreated and strengthened.

Sarkanenä Sustainability Park is located about 10 km south of Gällivare along the road to Nattavaara and includes, in addition to other features, a circa-2 km hiking trail with an experience trail.