Aeris Resources adds Jameson Cell technology at Tritton Copper operation

Aeris Resources says it is always looking for ways to improve the quality of its concentrate and recently its processing teams at its Tritton Copper Operations near the towns of Nyngan and Cobar in central New South Wales had a visit from Glencore Technology to install Jameson Cell technology at the mill.

Tritton’s Processing Manager Jamie Barrow said: “The Jameson Cell increases the copper content of our concentrate by creating small bubbles, but not too small to create operational problems. The fine bubbles are mixed with our slurry at high intensity – this all leads to better particle attachment. The bubbles are then washed to remove unwanted rock, increasing the percentage of copper in the remaining slurry.”

Glencore Technology told for the IM October edition with a focus on flotation that the Jameson Cell has continued to evolve so that operations can better adapt to lower grade ores, larger volumes of throughput with less energy and smaller footprints.

The Jameson Cell’s continued evolution in the last two years it says has created the largest boom in Jameson Cells since the coal boom of the 1990s. In the first half of 2023, alone, 18 units were sold. The Americas, in particular, are discovering the Jameson Cell as a major source of flowsheet improvements and embracing the technology in all duties including full circuits.