Epiroc and Newcrest deepen their strategic partnership with new MoU

Epiroc has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Newcrest, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, for a new strategic partnership. This newest collaboration aims to take a holistic approach towards the entire mining process at several of Newcrest’s mines, supported by Epiroc’s leading portfolio of automation, digitalisation, and electrification solutions.

“The mining industry’s future will be forged through partnerships, not solitary efforts,” says Tony Sprague, Group Manager Directional Studies and Innovation at Newcrest. The MoU was made possible thanks to a long and successful partnership between the two companies, as well as a strong alignment when it comes to safety, sustainability, and innovation. The collaboration spans several of Newcrest’s mines and include Epiroc’s portfolio within automation, digitalisation, and electrification solutions.

“This clearly marks the next phase of our already strong partnership with Newcrest. With a solution-focused and value-driven mindset, our shared ambition is to develop future solutions and implement our proven technologies in Newcrests’s operations,” says Lars Bergkvist, Senior Customer Success Manager at Epiroc’s Underground division.

Newcrest is the largest gold producer listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with operating mines located in Australia, Canada and Papua New Guinea. “Both of our companies believe that collaborative partnerships are the best way to drive progress and ensure successful implementation of system-level innovations to boost safety, cost-efficiency, and productivity. This really is about creating win-win outcomes for everyone involved,” says Sarah Hoffman, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Epiroc’s Underground division.

The two companies’ innovation partnership includes the development of Avatel™, along with world leading explosives company Orica. Avatel is a semi-automated explosives delivery system, enabling safer and more productive blasting operations in underground mines. The first complete Avatel service commenced at Newcrest’s Cadia Valley Operations, NSW, early in 2023.

Cadia Valley Operations has also taken its Cadia East gold-copper underground mine to new heights, with the successful implementation of the first semi-autonomous integrated production level in late 2021 where the autonomous system was by then capable of full 24/7 production across seven drives of a whole panel cave. This was notable as the automation capability was adopted on support equipment as well as Epiroc primary mining fleet machines including a Scooptram ST18 Automated Loader.