Boliden introduces ‘sustainable’ game-changer: Low-Carbon Sulphuric Acid

Sweden-based Boliden has taken what it says is a significant step toward a greener future with the launch of Low-Carbon Sulphuric Acid.

The new product increases Boliden’s collection of low-carbon offerings, joining the likes of Low-Carbon Zinc, Recycled Zinc, Low-Carbon Copper and Recycled Copper within the Green Transition Metals portfolio.

Sven Hjelmstedt, Director Sales at Boliden, says: “Our long-term work with sustainability empowers Boliden and our clients to create products with significantly lower carbon footprints. We support our clients’ sustainability goals and support them in reducing their Scope 3 emissions, contributing to an improved environmental performance for their industries.”

Low-Carbon Sulphuric Acid showcases Boliden’s strong commitment to sustainability, the company says. It has a minimal carbon footprint, measuring less than 25 kg of CO2 per tonne – well below the EU average.

What sets Boliden apart is that the company produces sulphuric acid from the same raw materials used to produce metals using a green energy mix, making it highly resource and CO₂ efficient, compared with the majority of global sulphuric acid production, which mainly relies on raw materials from oil refining.

Hjelmstedt added: “For clients, the benefits are twofold. Low-Carbon Sulphuric Acid helps reduce their carbon footprints while providing a sustainable product independent of fossil fuels. This is particularly valuable for industries reliant on sulphuric acid such as the global fertiliser and wood-based product industries.”