idoba rolls out its Mine Performance Navigator at 12 Australian underground mines

Mine Performance Navigator (MPN), idoba’s AI-powered decision-support and analysis tool, has now been rolled out to a dozen underground mine sites.

MPN is significant as it is the first product fully conceived, designed, developed and delivered by idoba, and now it is live across 12 major mining projects Australia-wide.

idoba states: “MPN integrates the KPIs that drive business value with the ability to easily forecast future performance against three month schedule (3MS) target. That means you can move from reactive firefighting to proactive planning. It means your engineers can focus on mine improvements and productivity gains instead of preparing countless spreadsheet reports about yesterday.”

MPN works by applying AI, in the form of cutting-edge deep learning models, to each mines’ production logs (commonly referred to in industry as PLOD data) and instantly forecasts future performance.

“You don’t need more data, or better data collected from sensors on your fleet, our AI takes care of that. Even if you collect your PLOD data on paper, MPN can get to work – dramatically cutting your time to value. MPN is self-training too, so it adapts to emerging trends to constantly improve forecast accuracy.”

Accuracy inevitably depends on each individual situation but idoba says it is already seeing results within 5% on the quarter for some clients. At one mine site, forecast vs actuals accuracy is within 4% for bogging tonnes and 5% for truck haulage TKMs.

Across a mining operation, idoba says MPN empowers people, removes bias and democratises data so that, whatever their role, site engineers, operation managers and execs can rapidly make data-driven decisions instead of reactively scrambling. They can also focus on strategic mine planning rather than manual recalculations plus answer boardroom questions with confidence and clarity.

“It’s a game-changing tool to help mine operators drive performance. That’s why we’re so excited. Deploying to a dozen underground sites – from Western Australia to Queensland, producing gold, copper, nickel and cobalt – is a big deal. Doing it all – from initial onboarding and training in just 15 minutes, to fully connected, live and adding value at every site – in just four weeks is a huge project.”