GHH books in orders for 10-t payload LF-10 NEO

Ten months after its ‘birth’, GHH’s latest LHD, the LF-10 NEO, has received a remarkable acceptance in the market with a significant number of orders in the books, the company says. 

At 2.5 m, the loader offers the highest tipping height on the market, according to GHH. This means every 30 tonne dump truck currently available worldwide can be loaded in the field.

The LF-10 NEO also offers the greatest operator ergonomics in the industry, the company claims, with a large footbox, excellent visibility and superior comfort. The manufacturer attributes great importance to the human factor: a machine can only provide the prerequisites – its ultimate productivity is brought out by the performance of a satisfied operator in the cabin.

The NEO marks a turning point in the portfolio of the German manufacturer. Gradually, the other product lines are to be upgraded to the new performance standard. The LF-10 NEO made the start, as the 10 tonne payload class is said to be the most in demand in the industry worldwide.

GHH says some orders have already been delivered.

A considerable number of improvements, all of which can be measured in terms of increased performance and productivity, have gone into the NEO series, GHH says.

A lot of changes have also been made at the factory. For example, the improved model features a more modular design, aiding both cost-efficiency and pace of assembly if transport in one piece is not possible.

Despite all the robustness and simplicity for maximum reliability and safety, telemetry solutions and technologies also go into the vehicles, GHH says. For example, to be able to monitor the fleet remotely with the “GHH inSiTE” software. An important factor here is predictive maintenance in order to reduce costs for the customer.

We are not reinventing the wheel, GHH says, but the actions taken are so substantial that customers will receive a remarkable benefit when compared to what is currently in the market.