Major belt linear screen order for DELKOR with Australian gold mining client

TAKRAF Group company DELKOR Australia has received a significant order for four 40 m² belt linear screens for a gold project in Australia. The award follows the previous installment of several smaller belt linear screens at the same client’s plant. The scope of this most recent order includes four of the largest belt linear screens available on the market globally.

As the original developer of this equipment, which effectively removes trash material from slurries, DELKOR offers a wide range of sizes, from 0.5 m² up to these very large 40 m² screens. Fabrication will take place at DELKOR’s own product & service and production facility in India. With the order, DELKOR has reinforced its presence on-site by enhancing coverage with the addition of the 40 m² BLS alongside existing 12 m², 20 m², and 25 m² screens.

Raymond Leung, DELKOR Operations Manager, when asked for comments regarding the order: “This order is one of the largest in value for BLSs in Australia in recent years. It is a testament to DELKOR’s pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication to providing innovative solutions to our clients’ wet processing requirements. Our belt linear screens have proven indispensable in addressing critical challenges within CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp) and CIL (Carbon-in-Leach) processes, ensuring the efficient separation of well-defined size fractions from ground slurries. We take immense pride in being the preferred supplier, contributing significantly to the enhanced efficiency of this gold project in Australia.”

The belt linear screen, born out of extensive test work, tackles a critical issue in gold processing by effectively removing trash material from process slurries. With the capability to screen between 300 and 4,000 microns, these screens safeguard downstream equipment, reduce downtime, and elevate overall plant performance. Belt linear screens have replaced vibrating screens in numerous plants, offering advantages such as seamless operation without vibration and complete retention of oversize material.