Thiess gets another five years at Ukhaa Khudag metcoal mine in Mongolia

Global mining services provider Thiess has been awarded a five-year contract extension by Mongolian Mining Corporation (MMC) at the Ukhaa Khudag (UHG) metcoal mine. Under the contract, Thiess will continue to deliver asset management services, including strategic planning, supply chain management, and maintenance services, at MMC’s mine in South Gobi.

The mine is located approximately 240 km from the Chinese border and 560 km south of Mongolia’s capital city Ulaanbaatar. Thiess Executive Chair and CEO Michael Wright said: “We are excited to extend our successful partnership with MMC and continue to deliver value through our maintenance expertise and commitment to safety and sustainability. This project particularly holds significant importance for Thiess, given our long-term relationship with MMC that dates back to 2009.”

Thiess Group Executive – Asia Cluny Randell added: “We are committed to fostering positive relationships with the communities where we operate. As part of this extension, we will continue to support local South Gobi communities through our social investment programs targeting health and education.”

Thiess says it remains deeply committed to the health, safety, and well-being of everyone involved in the project. As part of Thiess’ broader commitment to diversity and inclusion, the company also actively encourages the participation of women in the mining industry through targeted programs and initiatives.

The Ukhaa Khudag Coal Mine in Mongolia’s south Gobi Desert is the most remote mine site in the Thiess global mining portfolio. Thiess states: “Successfully managing such extremes demonstrates our capability in mobilising and operating remote mine sites and our unwavering commitment to our client and the community. Started from nothing in 2008, the mine is now fully established and producing high-quality metallurgical coal, having undergone one of the longest mobilisation operations in the world.” Due to the remote location, the Caterpillar 793D haul truck fleet had to be assembled at a border town in China and driven for three and a half days across the desert to reach the mine site.