Autonomous systems integrator & installer Autonomo opens new dedicated base in Perth

On the ground commissioning and integration of the infrastructure needed to support autonomous fleets is a vital but specialised field. Autonomo Pty Ltd was formed in 2018 and remains a firmly West Australian owned and operated business.

It specialises in managing end to end services for automation technology, starting from design, through to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. It also does the same for other systems including fleet management, fatigue monitoring and TPMS.

MD Gerard McNamara recently announced that it has opened a Perth based installation centre built for purpose and fully equipped to complete all its clients’ new & operational fleet technology installs. From there it can service full mobile fleet rollouts as well as one off installations.

The company designs, manufacture and deployment of wireless network solar trailers, skids, automatic boom gates, solar power generation and electrical control stations which are all designed to support communication technology and automation. It specialises in automation, wiring harnesses, instrumentation, electrical and telecommunications systems, providing engineering, integration, product sales, customised service kits and full maintenance solutions for customers.

It also provides skilled and competent people for short and long term labour hire arrangement. The team it says consists of highly trained and experienced engineers, mining system technicians, auto-electrical & electronic technicians, project managers, electricians, signal specialists, communication technicians and fabricators.

Across the board experience includes Caterpillar MineStar, Komatsu Frontrunner AHS, Cisco Radio Networks, Modular PTX Dispatch, Caterpillar Terrain, Caterpillar DSS, In Vehicle Monitoring Systems, Autonomous Drilling Systems, Tyre Sense and others.