Jevons Robotics welcomes Ausroad Manufacturing as strategic investor

Jevons Robotics, a leading innovator in the field of battery electric and autonomous mining robotics, has announced Ausroad Manufacturing (AUSROAD), described as a globally recognised leader in the provision of mine site stemming services, as its latest shareholder.

The statement says: “This partnership makes a significant step in the Jevons strategy to eliminate humans from hazardous working environments where both parties will work to automate and decarbonise the blast hole stemming process. As a pioneer of battery electric and autonomous vehicles that can carry an array of payloads including explosives, stemming, dewatering pumps, cable reelers, geophysical sensors, water and drilling fluids, Jevons Robotics uses cutting edge technology to redefine Industry options and standards.”

Jevons and AUSROAD say they are poised to embark on a series of collaborative projects in the coming years, leveraging their combined experience to drive meaningful advancements in the industry. Todd Peate, CEO of Jevons Robotics said: “We are excited to welcome AUSROAD as a strategic investor in Jevons, we share a common interest in the adoption of advanced engineering and technology to deliver highly productive and safe solutions for our customers and we look forward to working with the AUSROAD team given their extensive experience and world leading stemming solutions.”

Toni Dunlop, Managing Director of AUSROAD said: “It is clear to us where the industry is moving, to automate and decarbonize their operations over time, our decision to invest in Jevons is built on the fact that under this model, the two organisations will focus their core capabilities and the clear vision that the team at Jevons have. AUSROAD will bring our extensive experience to Jevons this will also continue to improve both of our market offerings into the future.”