RockMass Technologies announces strategic partnership with Operational Geotechs

RockMass Technologies, an industry-leading geotechnical and geological data solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Operational Geotechs Pty Ltd, an Australian leader in operational geotechnical services. This partnership it says “marks an exciting collaboration between two industry leaders with a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the Australian mining sector.”

RockMass’ hardware and software technology allows geologists and geotechnical engineers to easily gather and analyse data, “empowering mining companies to reduce model uncertainty, make informed operational decisions, and ultimately improve safety and productivity.” the statement adds: “Operational Geotechs is a respected name in the field of geotechnical services, offering practical, site-based solutions to mining companies in Australia. They work closely with clients to provide tailored, safe, and productive geotechnical solutions, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance.”

The partnership between RockMass Technologies and Operational Geotechs brings together the strengths of both companies. Operational Geotechs will offer on-site data collection services, on-site demonstrations, and technical support to the Australian market for RockMass. “It demonstrates a commitment to providing clients with the best geotechnical solutions, leveraging RockMass’ cutting-edge technology and Operational Geotech’s expert consulting services to enhance productivity, safety, and operational performance.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Operational Geotechs and welcome our solution to the Australian mining industry,” said Shelby Yee, Co-Founder & CEO at RockMass Technologies. “When I first met Ben, Ash and Trent at the CIM Conference in 2023, I knew they would be excellent partners for RockMass in Australia. By combining our cutting-edge technology with Operational Geotechs’ customer-tailored geotechnical services, we are unlocking a new era of safety, productivity, and data-driven decision-making for mining operations in Australia and beyond.”

RockMass supplies provide digital mapping and LiDAR innovation across five continents including its Lithos geological and geotechnical LiDAR mapping tool which supports capturing data in two modes: 2D HD images and 3D coloured point clouds. It also includes features such as ground support ID, streamlined workflows, scanline and window mapping. And it offers the RockMass Eon handheld LiDAR solution, designed to handle the rigours of underground travel, and to be portable enough to walk long distances with it.

Using RockMass Eon as a tool to collect data underground can streamline the process of defining pertinent structures and contacts which influence the geometry of the orebody modelled in a grade control model. The data collected can be quickly integrated into a Leapfrog Geo project and output model wireframes to mine planners so that any deviations from the original model can be planned and accounted for, thereby increasing confidence in short term plans and helping build more robust models for long term planning.