Haultrax on how consultants can support mines with fleet management system rollout

In today’s digital era, digitalising mining operations is the crucial first step toward optimising processes, improving productivity, and maximising value delivery. However, Australia-based Haultrax, a leading consultant on fleet management systems (FMS), as well as autonomous haulage systems (AHS), argues that merely acquiring FMS technology is not enough.

The company, which has main offices in Perth and Brisbane, states: “Without a well-defined implementation strategy tailored to your specific operations, the chances of achieving success become limited. A successful technology implementation project takes careful planning, expertise, and execution. With the advancements in technology and the increasing complexity of fleet operations and the associated increase in environmental regulations, corporate responsibility, and political pressure, engaging a mining consultant has become a practical solution to navigating the industry requirements while optimising project performance.”

Some key projects that highlight Haultrax’s extensive experience in FMS consultancy

But what do FMS consultants do and why they are important? Haultrax says that FMS consultants offer services to support existing or prospective technology implementations. They provide expertise and guidance on how to embed the correct use of the technology with both people and processes.

It says working alongside a FMS consultant offers several benefits:

  • Right technology selection: To maximise benefits, the chosen FMS technology must align with your inherent culture and operational practices. It should build upon and enhance your competitive advantages, rather than imposing rigid operational requirements. A FMS consultant assists you in selecting technologies that can be implemented to align with your unique operational model.
  • Informed decision-making: With a FMS consultant’s guidance, you gain the ability to make informed decisions regarding fleet management. They analyse data and provide insights into fleet operations, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations for cost reduction and increased efficiency.
  • Proactive issue identification: FMS consultants help you identify trends and potential issues before they occur. By analysing various data points such as vehicle utilisation, maintenance costs, driver behaviour, and fuel consumption, they enable data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of fleet operations.
  • Resource allocation and cost reduction: FMS consultants assist in reducing expenses and optimising resource allocation. They develop cost-effective strategies to minimise downtime, reduce idle time, and enhance equipment productivity. Through optimizing fleet routes and schedules, they identify underutilised vehicles and suggest asset reallocation to improve overall efficiency.
  • Safety improvement: FMS consultants prioritize the safety of mining operations. They provide training and support to drivers and can monitor driver behaviour in real-time using telematic solutions. By implementing safety measures and reducing liability risks, they contribute to creating a safer work environment and ensuring compliance with company culture.

It continues: “To successfully implement a FMS, changes are required to the processes around the technology. Without an integral alignment between people and supporting processes to the technology, the benefits of a fleet management system are often not achieved.
Haultrax assists customers with the appropriate identification, selection, planning, deployment and operational support of productivity initiatives and mining technologies. This is how our team ensures the technology delivers its promised value, that it is suitable and sustainable in the mining environment. Our distinct staged process of technology delivery considers the readiness of subsystems, business processes and operational integration to avoid common mistakes.”

Haultrax’s systemised process is divided into steps, beginning with evaluation. The first step in the mining consulting process is to determine the project needs. “This initial stage of the process begins with clearly defining what the change management strategy will be while also pulling together the dedicated team that will lead its implementation through to success. This includes understanding what will change and why, and critically, what the current and future roadblocks to implementing that change will be.”

Then come Scoping, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility studies. Haultrax argues that it delivers the comprehensive, transparent and audible results that investors need to make the right choice, to invest or in other cases not to proceed.

Third, technology selection and optimisation. “To maximise benefits, the chosen FMS technology must align with your inherent culture and operational practices. It should build upon and enhance your competitive advantages. Haultrax delivers technology selection scenarios and assists you in selecting the right technology that aligns seamlessly with your unique operational models.”

Then comes deployment – guiding and supporting customers through the process of implementing fleet management technology; closely followed by training & coaching. “Our consultants can help you better utilise the tools and deliver effective mine plans through training and manuals.” And of course there is a change management element, providing coaching on operational process changes, support supervisors and crew in the use of the fleet management solution. Finally, functionality testing of solution, reporting, and data integrity.

Haultrax concludes: “Finding the right technology that perfectly aligns with your unique operational models is crucial for maximising its benefits. Haultrax is here to assist you in selecting and implementing the ideal technology that seamlessly integrates with your business culture and existing processes, empowering you to leverage your competitive advantages. At Haultrax, we aim to foster a more productive operating culture by working with people, processes, and technology. Knowledge sharing is at the core of our collaborative approach, and with over 12 years of operational and consulting experience, we have a proven track record of successfully helping customers evaluate and deploy fleet management systems.”