Ambra to integrate private LTE/5G wireless infrastructure into Sandvik AutoMine platform

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is partnering with Ambra Solutions, a leading provider of private LTE/5G wireless network industrial telecommunications, to, it says, transform communication capabilities tailored for Sandvik’s AutoMine® product families.

Ambra Solutions will serve as an integrator, designing and deploying a private LTE/5G wireless infrastructure specifically tailored for AutoMine systems, to improve efficiency and safety in underground mining operations, Sandvik says. Leveraging Ambra Solutions’ expertise in private LTE/5G technologies and intelligent mining solutions, this collaboration addresses critical communication challenges in underground mining.

The integration of Ambra Solutions’ LTE/5G connectivity into Sandvik’s AutoMine systems creates underground connectivity that is more secure, safe, reliable and high-speed. Through advanced data connectivity, this collaboration enables real-time and seamless communication, advanced location and asset tracking and improved safety and productivity for both mining personnel and equipment, according to the companies.

“This partnership will enhance the communication capabilities of our AutoMine systems and expedite their implementation,” Marko Jokinen, Digital Ecosystem Manager, Automation at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, said. “We remain committed to providing solutions that address the industry’s evolving needs and pave the way for safer, more efficient and technologically advanced mining operations.”

Through streamlined deployment processes and the provision of pre-integrated and verified solutions, Sandvik and Ambra Solutions will reduce testing time required on customer sites, they say. This not only enhances productivity and performance but also ensures cost-effectiveness for mining operations.

Éric L’Heureux, President and CEO, Ambra Solutions, said: “By partnering with Sandvik to deliver innovative communication solutions tailored for AutoMine, we will empower mine operators with a new form of connectivity.

“This collaboration not only advances the deployment of underground cellular networks but also creates opportunities for further IoT integration and technological advancements in the mining industry.”