Thiess Rehabilitation surpasses expectations at Harum Energy’s MSJ coal mine site

Thiess says it has surpassed its goal of rehabilitating land at the Harum Energy’s MSJ Coal Mine in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, showcasing the expertise of the Thiess Rehabilitation business.

In 2023, Thiess delivered rehabilitation services for the MSJ Coal Mine in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, with a target of 35.87 ha, but the team surpassed that goal, rehabilitating 35.97 ha by November 2023.

The project team had to overcome several challenges, including topsoil sourcing and handling requirements, Thiess explained. Further, due to pit sequencing, most of the rehabilitation areas didn’t become available until October 2023, leaving a very short timeframe to complete the work. This was exacerbated by resourcing challenges.

To address these challenges, the team employed several strategies, including:

  • Advancing the final area in pit dumps to expedite soil spreading readiness;
  • Conducting daily inspections and monitoring to ensure the rehabilitation success;
  • Coordinating closely with the client to accelerate plans for rehabilitation in additional areas beyond the initial scope; and
  • Actively involving the client in monitoring and quality control at every stage of the rehabilitation process

Yohanes Agustian, Superintendent Environment, Thiess Indonesia, commended the team on their efforts, saying: “Despite these challenges, our team worked relentlessly to meet our client’s target, on time.”