Vertex Minerals to expedite gold production with acquisition of Gekko plant

Vertex Minerals Ltd has finalised its acquisition of a Gekko gold gravity processing plant in a strategic move aimed at expediting gold production and optimising operational efficiency. The plant, originally located at the Morningstar Gold Mine in Victoria, will now be relocated to Vertex’s Hill End Gold Project.

Renowned for its modular design and high throughput capacity, the Gekko plant presents an attractive proposition for Vertex to strengthen its gold processing capabilities. With features such as PLC-operated sequenced stop/start capability, remote monitoring, and full spare parts support, the plant is set to enhance operational efficiency while keeping operating costs in check.

Key benefits of the Gekko processing plant include a substantially higher throughput and potential for further upgrades; streamlined operation requiring only two operators; and comprehensive monitoring capabilities covering density, mass flows, and sampling. It has enhanced security measures for gold processing plus full support from Gekko Systems. Plus it features an ergonomic design and state-of-the-art safety systems, with lower power usage contributing to sustainability goals. Gekko says its team will collaborate with Vertex Minerals to help make the project a success.